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Little by little, Surrey Central is getting more restaurants and cafes. A new Vietnamese restaurant called All About Pho has opened up on the space where the old 7-11 space used to be on King George Blvd. I was a little puzzled by the amount of negative reviews on Urbanspoon for this place. It’s only been opened for about two weeks, maybe three.

I admit that I almost didn’t go because of the amount of negative reviews, but my friend wanted to go, so we did. In the end, I’m glad

I did, as I had a chance to make an opinion for myself. The place was very busy, and it was very clean. Our service was very friendly. On Urbanspoon there were complaints about the restaurant being dirty, the food bland and the service rude. I personally didn’t experience any of those things. The menu has a wide variety of Vietnamese favourites and a lot of variety. Noodles, subs, bubble tea etc.

I enjoyed my favourite: the Bun Ga Nuong Cha Gio – a vermicelli bowl with grilled chicken,

a fried roll, and lots of delicious veggies. It was very good. I also ordered a salty lemonade, it sounded interesting so I decided to give it a try. Turns out the lemons were a tad old and it wasn’t to my liking. Our server exchanged it for a fresh lemon soda – think of a lemonade with shaved ice and seltzer. Delicious. Overall, I had a positive experience at All About Pho.


-Mary Sheridan


Delicious Food, Great Service. Kid Friendly 

Like always, the food we got was fresh and delicious. We ordered grilled chicken sub, salad rolls, and grilled chicken and shrimp on vermicelli. Nice sauce as well. The service was friendly and playfully patient with our rambunctious 4-year-old son, as has always been the case every time we've gone there. Yummy food, great place, great people.


Really good pho

Super fresh vegetables, good portions, clean establishment, nice servers, spectacular grilled chicken. Fast takeout. Love this place. They had a great combo deal going on for a little while that I wish they would bring back. The only thing I don't like here as far as food goes are the salad rolls, which use half shrimps split down the middle and, as a result, are not at all filling. They're 90% lettuce. Cheap cheap cheap. Use whole shrimp or not at all.


Would I come back again? Yes.

Heard a lot of good things about this place so decided to check it out one afternoon. Finding the place was easy. Just look for the bright yellow sign on the corner of the street! Lots of parking available too. I didn't realize it, but it is a pretty decent-sized restaurant. Pho usually comes out quickly after you place your order. No exception here. I'm always a fan of the house special because you get everything in it. For me, it's always about the soup and noodle texture. The noodle texture was perfect. The broth? To put it into comparison, Pho Tau Bay up on King George on 72nd still has a better broth. The meats and "stuff" were good.










Best New Pho Joint In Surrey

After reading some bad reviews which blew my mind, I felt the need to let everyone know how good this place is. I can ONLY imagine that these bad reviews were written by rival pho joints, or by the first two customers to eat there, before they got everything ironed out as a business. The broth here is amazing, the noodles are perfect, the salad rolls and peanut sauce are the best I have had at 2/3rds the price of most places, and the service isn't bad considering how busy it can get. As far as my girfriend and I are concerned, it blows every other place in Surrey and Langley out of the water.

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